Cervical cancer due to Bandages

Around the end of April I was startled by a doctor in the yahoo group who expressed the harmful effects of a sanitary napkin that causes cervical cancer. In the beginning of his writing, that WHO states in Indonesia there is an increase in cervical cancer to make no 1 in the world and that makes the cause 62% is the use of non-qualified bandage products.

At RSCM itself every year there are 400 new patients cervical cancer and death from cervical cancer in the hospital reached 66%. The majority of these patients come with conditions that are already at an advanced stage. This shows that awareness about cervical cancer detection is still very low.

This is due to knowledge of cervical cancer is very minimal. Lack of attention from women or the government itself about these dreaded diseases. Even their own may just know this type of disease after the informed by the doctor who handles the disease. After all it becomes one thing that is difficult to heal.

Even so, there are actually some hospitals that hold seminars around women's reproductive health. Whether done for free or just to pay a few thousand dollars only. In the seminar include discussing one of the reproductive diseases of women that is cervical cancer.

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Connecting from what the doctor said above, then he appealed to be careful in the use of sanitary napkins sold in the market. Because according to what is presented by WHO, sanitary pads in Indonesia contains many dangerous materials. Like dioxin used to whiten the base material of the bandage. To prove it he gives a way to know the hygiene of sanitary napkins. That way, a dressing will be easy to know whether hygienic or not.

The truth of the cause of cervical cancer is one of them is sanitary napkin, maybe there has been no research that can really prove. However, sanitary napkins that contain hazardous chemicals are of course not good for use in such highly sensitive areas. Therefore, it would be better if we know from the beginning so that it can take a positive attitude and take appropriate action.

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