Do not Hurt Women

Women often cry for a man, either because they are hurt by his words or because they are disappointed by his attitude, or even abandoned.

There are some meditations that can help the friends of all, in order to be more respectful or maybe all the brothers can share the story of reflection do not hurt this woman throughout people you know in order to be more respectful and also appreciate women.

One day, a man was praying in anger and emotion. He resents his partner who often cries and also makes use of those tears in every debate. He's bored. Really very bored.

Not wanting to engage in negative emotions, he then prostrated and prayed, asking for help from God.

"Lord, why do women cry so often? I'm bored and also saturated to see and hear it, "lamented the man.
God answered him:

"Because women are unique. I have created it not the same as you. he is a special being.

I strengthen his shoulders in order to take care of your children someday.

KU is deep in his heart to give you a sense of security.

I strengthen her womb in order to save the human seed.

I hold firm to keep on fighting when others give up.

I give instinct to keep love even if betrayed and also hurt by loved ones.

I exhale her affection for her to be able to devote you with attention.

KU make his eyes flickering because he will be a window of peace.

I make her smile more like a crown of flowers to make you to remember the beautiful world.

KU make his hands skilled in order to keep you in order to never lack.

But if one day she cries.

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It is because I have given him tears in order to wash the wounds and give new strength. It is not a sign of weakness and defeat. "

The man was stunned for a moment. Then he took steps to hurry, and hugged and wiped the tears on the cheeks of his loved ones. "I will help you to remove that inner wound ..."

Do not hurt This woman taught men not to ever intend to hurt a woman, because women are created with their own advantages and disadvantages, in order to complete the shortcomings and advantages of men who will be a companion of his life.

-Warm regards to all of you from see you on other life motivation stories and Success for all of us. ^ _ ^

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