Education Abortion

The new learning year is still a few months ahead. However, geliat get new students have been aggressively driven. However, the presence of students is a necessity for the life of a school.

Although the existence of a student necessity for the continuity of school, is a tragedy if for the sake of the survival of school, the student is just a number. In that condition, students are no longer addressed and wrestled as a person. It is no more a means to maintain the survival of school. His fate is inferior to the dignity of the slave: he is just a soulless means.

It is something to be grateful for when people are involved in managing education in this country. They do this by building private schools. There are various reasons why to build a private school. Now, we know private-based private and national private schools.

However, now many private schools are beginning to lack students, especially private schools in the regions. In the regions there is competition getting new students.

Like competition, various stances used to attract new students. Unfortunately, the stance of competition that is launched often far from the nature of education. It's kind of a drunken stance. The jutsu is intoxicated by an important target of getting students.

The drunken moves are: free seductive building money and monthly tuition for a certain amount of time; building facilities to impress the magnificent and luxurious schools even if they were not necessarily needed; offer of shuttle facilities; hostel offer; to-the most miserable and worrying-plays a plot of ethnic, religious, racial, and intergroup issues (SARA).

As a result, so much competition to get new students is no longer healthy, rough, boastful again. However, the more tragic is the very nature of education itself that wants to form a human that grows whole dignified whole has been destroyed when the dynamics of education has not yet begun. That is an abortion of education.

Abortion of education is intensified to parents of prospective new students who are intimidated by the issue of SARA when they want to send their children to a religious school based on a different religion. Abortion of education also occurs when schools promise education that pampers students with various facilities. Education that pampers students with effective means of destroying the students' character traits.

A restless school

The promise of dormitory facilities also has the potential to abort education. This can happen to schools that were not designed as an integrated school with dormitories.

Abortion of education is evident when after the learning begins the school manager does not empower themselves in the management of boarding schools. School managers like catching overwhelmed and overwhelmed so many parents accompany their children and use it just for the sake of acquiring new students. Unconsciously, the spirit of hedonism and pragmatism was injected into the school just before the dynamics of education began. There are many other forms of abortion of education.

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May parents be more aware of the new student search tricks for their children. Schools that are looking for new students with this blind drunken stance are nervously run schools. In that anxiety, they will fight to protect their students, not to educate, but only for the sake of numbers. Because, in each student promises the rupiah figure from a remarkable country.

Schools that play SARA issues in recruiting new students also have similar dynamics. The ruse of saving souls on the SARA path becomes a reason to bind students. Then they build a fortress to separate and exclusively. The dynamic of learning is often designed to be extreme and exclusive.

Is not this kind of way our kids are being dwarfed, shrunk the horizon of their lives, and effectively inserting them in the shadow of his life? Our children are no longer educated in their independence and dignity. Our children are just a means of finishing off the anxiety of school managers.

Beware! Love our children. Make them grow up into dignified humans by choosing schools that are managed with dignity as well.

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