Normal Restructuring Features

Every woman has different menstrual cycles with different characteristics. There is a long time, there are fast no use of pain and some are not. What is clear every woman is not the same as they will and when menstruating.

The following are the normal characteristics of menstruation experienced by women in their health. This feature can also be a healthy feature of reproductive organs:

1. The monthly cycle
"At the age of 25-35 years, 60% of women have menstrual cycles between 25-28 days, 1% of women have cycles shorter than 21 days and some longer than 35 days, but most have a 21-35 day cycle," clear Dr. Aryando Pradana, SpOG, obstetric specialist RSIA Bunda Menteng.

The same is also conveyed Dr. Hari Nugroho, SpOG. According to the obstetrician Dr. Soetemo Hospital, Surabaya, this normal menstrual cycle occurs between 21-35 days with a normal variation to 3 days per cycle.

"For example, this cycle (month) is 24 days, cycle (month) ahead 27 days, then 25 days, then still in normal range. If the cycle (this month) 28 days later next 21, next again 35, mean not normal, "said Dr. Hari Nugroho, SpOG.

2. The amount of blood
"The amount of blood between 20-60 cc each cycle. Sanitary napkins have a full capacity ranging from 6cc small to 15-20 cc large size with an average of about 9 cc of regular size. So that if one menstrual cycle spent 3-7 sanitary napkins (full) is still considered normal, "said Dr. Hari.

3. The length of the menstrual period is approximately 3-7 days

4. Menstrual Blood
According to Dr. Day, the smell of normal blood is not fishy like the smell of fish. The smell of menstrual blood is typical, but it does not smell like sting.

Stages of menstrual blood color actually vary widely and never become a definite benchmark in determining health status. Sometimes blood came out in the form of lumps, still normal, not to worry. Considered abnormal when the volume is more than usual.

"Blood clots if too much is not fair. So menstrual blood is actually different from the usual blood if for example blood lab checks, menstrual blood is not easily frozen because it contains blood thinners, "said Dr. Frizar Irmansyah, SpOG (K), obstetrician from Pertamina Central Hospital.
Well, if menstrual blood is too much, then the blood that comes out can clot. This happens because the cervix is ​​small, so it takes an extra pump for the clumping blood to pass through and that's what causes the pain. Check with your doctor immediately if there is severe pain and blood that clumps a lot.

5. Pre Menstrual Syndrome
"PMS or Pre Menstrual Syndrome is actually still practically reasonable and experienced by every woman who menstruated almost every month. The influence of hormones only when the mood is so ugly and like to be angry, "said Dr. Nando, Aryando grand call.

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PMS in women symptoms differ between individuals with each other. Among them are emotional changes (angry), breast pain, acne, increased appetite and fatigue is still said to be normal.

6. Menstrual pain
Menstrual pain is normal, injuries that occur in the endometrium often cause pain. Pain is said to be normal if only 1-2 days at the time of menses or will menses.

No pain at all but smooth menstruation is also still said to be normal. If the pain extends to 7 days or even more should be seen to the doctor.

"Menstrual pain can still be said reasonable if the woman was at least still able to move. But that does not mean can be underestimated, should still be checked to the doctor if every month always feel pain and later can be ascertained normal or not depends on the cause of the pain itself, "said Dr. Nando.

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