Turning off the Light When Night Sleeps

It turns out that in our sleep rest, there is a hormone that combats and prevents various diseases including cancer. The easy way for the hormone to work is to turn off the lights while sleeping so that we sleep in a dark room, and that's where the hormones in question will work.

Turning off the lights when dark night's sleep quietly collaborates with the body. Only in a completely dark state the body produces Melantonin, one of the hormones in the immune system capable of fighting and preventing various diseases including breast cancer and prostate cancer.

Conversely, sleeping with lights on at night - no matter how small the light causes the production of the hormone melantonin stalled. Biologist Joan Roberts discovered this secret after experimenting on animals. When animals are given artificial light at night, melantoninnya decreases and the immune system weakens.

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Apparently, light bulbs like TV cause hormones to become very weak. Therefore, in addition to saving energy, by turning off the lights while sleeping is a natural way to improve the health of the body

So my post about health tips by turning off the lights when sleeping that night we can apply to each of us, may be useful.

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