5 Make Up Recommendations For Beginners

For women, beauty is a demand. Especially for career women who require them to always look attractive. It can be said to beautify itself is an obligation. But not all women can do that, not a few women who still feel confused, afraid and hesitate to start. Well, that is still confusion, I love the makeup recommendations for beginners. What do you think the make up should be?

1. BB Cream

BB Cream is lighter than the foundation in general. So, it will make you not rigid. Moreover, you do not need to apply the powder again for daily appearance, because you can choose BB Cream color that matches the skin color.

2. Eyebrow Pencil

Eyebrows are the most important part to change appearance. So, for you, it's important to have an eyebrow pencil. Because every woman has an eyebrow shape and level of eyebrow thickness different from different eyebrow forms, so you can use an eyebrow pencil to juggle your less attractive eyebrows.

3. Mascara

The function of mascara is to bring up the original lashes as much as possible. You know, the eye is one of the crowns owned by women, so the eyes need to be noticed when you want to beautify your face.

4. Eyeliner

Next is eyeliner, eyeliner is useful to display the impression more fresh and natural. After using mascara you need to grow your eyes with eyeliner to make your eyes look more beautiful.

5. Lipstick

The latter is lipstick. The use of lipstick is to create self-confidence. But be careful in choosing lipstick because lipstick color can change color. So, choose a color lipstick that matches your skin tone to make your skin look fresh.

Not complicated right? And you can try. Easy and does not take a long time to beautify yourself. At the same time not too spend big koceh to be able to look like princess queen. So, for beginners there is no more doubt to start, much less afraid to try.

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