5 This Quality Can Be The Principle To Always Live Calm

Good things must be taught to a child since they are small, especially when they already have interest and curiosity about the various things around them. Chatting casually and responding to their questions appropriately, will be a great way to teach children a variety of knowledge as well as life lessons.

That afternoon, as usual Andi just stay alone with his grandmother at home, while other family members are running their own routine activities outside the home. Andi stopped playing his cars, eyes fixed on the grandmother who had been busy writing something on a small notebook on the table.

"Grandma is writing a letter? or is writing a story about me? "asked Andi, as he went and approached his grandmother who just stopped his job and now looked at him with a smile.

"Yeah, grandma is writing a story about you, son. But there is something more important than the story that my grandmother wrote today, which is about pencils that are grandmother wear this, "said grandma while holding a pencil in his hand toward Andi who is now standing in front of him.

"Grandma hopes that if you grow up, you can be like this pencil," Grandma said with a smile on her lips.
Andi a little confused with the words of the grandmother, he looked at the pencil and grandmother's face alternately, before finally frowning and smiling confused.

"Grandma, is this a special pencil? Is there any difference with the other pencil? "Andi asked as he watched the pencil closer.

"Everything will certainly depend on how you look and see clearly this pencil, if you are observant then there are at least 5 qualities contained in it and you can make the principle to always live quietly."

Andi still does not understand well, so grandma explained one by one about the quality to him:

• Quality first
Pencils can write great things, of course, with the help of a person's hand. You are also able to do many great things in your life, but all of them with the help and guidance of God. Do not forget that in every step of your life you will be guided by the hand of God.

• Second quality
The pencil will experience painful sharpening process, before it becomes sharp and can be used well when writing. You will also experience many long processes, be it misery and distress. These various processes will make you a better person each day.

• Third quality
We may write wrong words in our writing, but pencils always give us an opportunity to erase and correct them. In this life, you may also make mistakes, but it is not an irreparable vice. Correct all those mistakes by not repeating them, so you can live a better life again.

• Fourth quality
Not the outside, which is the most important part of a pencil is the inside, where there is a charcoal that can be used to write the words you want. The same must also be in you, where your qualities and values ​​are in the deepest part, not just the outside and the mere appearance. Be aware of this well, so that you can use and do good things by relying on your mind, heart and mind.

• Fifth quality
Pencils will always leave a trail of scratches when used, just like you do while living this life. All your deeds will leave an impression as well as a memory, so always look at all your actions from the beginning.

That 5 qualities that can be used as a principle to always live quietly, the core of the 5 qualities are not too worried in life, stay calm, try and hard work, do not stop when getting a problem. Face a problem calmly and do not forget to pray and give thanks to God the creator of the universe.

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