A Message For A Story That I Will Forget Once

This morning I was awakened by my dream, a dream that I myself can not remember it. Feels like the light that raced past the limit of my memory. It just goes away, all I can remember is you in it, yes in my dream. And that dream made me think back to you

In the past there was nothing I needed to worry about, even when the time came to me as if to make fun of me. Because the smile was not just an imprint on the memory but he also grasped my heart tightly.

Twilight was jealous of me, because I no longer care about those who are in pairs and passing by in sight, but your shadow is just a hope for me. I might stop and forget about you, and we're never close even if we do not talk to each other. But I can never, for me your shadow always fill the space in my heart so I can not dam it anymore.

I always hope that distance and time gives little chance for us to greet each other. But if it's too greedy, I hope time allows me to just look at it from afar.
It's been a while since I stopped my steps. Silent and stunned from the first moment I saw you. You sit with a book in your hand, I'm not sure what you're reading. Many times I passed you but you did not see me, you were so serious and focused on a book. From then on I can no longer move from around you. You give me a very different curiosity, when suddenly you see me and smile pleasantly.

Although almost every day we meet, it gets torturous when it's so hard to get started. And I also have to accept that time passes so fast, for years we are in silence and now in reality we are no longer in the same city.

You decide to go back to your hometown for some reason, at least that's what I heard last time though not from your own mouth. I have not had time to say anything to you. Maybe this is a silly message that I can only convey through a story for you, it takes years to stop thinking about you.

Even this story never gives a certainty. But you can be present in my dreams. whether this is a sign of longing from you or just my longing that I've been buried for too long. I closed my eyes and tried to remember what I had missed. And what I miss is you, I never try to find you or just ask you your question so it's not your fault when I think I ignore

"I found the last empty piece of paper I had, there were a few rips on the side, I think it's too presumptuous to give this to you, but I still dare to write a name and I mean on it
Like a heart that has long been empty, but he is surrounded by shadows in the masalalu. Tired of waiting for the moment, while half my heart has long been carried away by time

Bury in this letter. Hoping he was buried deep with unfulfilled feelings. And have a chance to continue life

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