Be Calm In The Chaos of Google CEO Ala Sundar Pichai

Sundar Pichai became famous after he served as CEO of Google. The man born in Tamil Nadu, India in 1972, was successful with several projects he developed, including: Crome browser and Android. He is known as a friendly, intelligent, hardworking person and always a role model for his subordinates. Through an inspiring speech to his men some time ago, Sundar Pichai tells of a disgusting cockroach.

This story takes place in a restaurant, where visitors are busy and are eating quietly. But suddenly a cockroach flew from a corner and perched right on a woman's shirt. Spontaneously, the woman began to panic and shout, while trying to get rid of the animal from her body. This panic is even so rapidly contagious, where his crazy friends also participate and start shouting in terror. The two women's hands tried hard to dispel the cockroach, succeeding.

But unfortunately, the cockroach just landed on the shoulders of friends who sat at the table with him, so the drama continues on there. The same show, a woman who panics with cockroaches in his body, and his friends who participated to help and increase panic.

Seeing this incident, a waitress rushed over and tried to calm the situation, surely by rescuing the group from a cockroach attack. After the women's group attempted to dislodge the cockroach, the animal finally settled on the woman's shirt. The waiter remained calm and began to observe the animal's movements on his shirt. After a while, the waiter grabs the cockroach with his finger and throws it out of the restaurant area.

After delivering a half-hearted speech, Pichai sipped his coffee and watched the reaction of his men who seemed to keep a lot of questions in their minds. It feels too naive if we blame a cockroach for all the chaos that happened in the restaurant, right?

If the cockroach is responsible and becomes a troublemaker there, then why is the woman waiter who dumped her not as disturbed and excited as any other woman? He even handles the problem easily, even closing in perfectly with his calm demeanor.

"So what can we get from that story?" Pichai asked, continuing his speech.

"I started thinking about a group of career women who were so panicked when facing a cockroach, while on the other hand it could even be handled very calmly by the waitresses who were there. Obviously the problem does not come from the cockroach, but from a group of career women who can not afford to deal with it. Their panicked response is so overwhelming, that the atmosphere of the restaurant becomes chaotic and unpleasant. Cockroaches are disgusting animals, and it is impossible to make them a funny and attractive looking person. "

"The same thing we experience a lot, many problems in our lives, which of course not all we can change and make into something that is always fun. Working problems, housekeeping with spouses, unfaithful friends, targets that are too big and impossible, unreasonable deadlines, and many other problems are so annoying. Certainly, all those problems will never be fun, do you? "

"However, this issue is not the essence of the chaos we experience, but our inability to deal with it is our real problem. As the story goes, the problem is not with the cockroach that rests on the woman's arm, but the problem is in women who are unable to cope with the presence of the cockroach in her arms. "

The essence of this inspiring story is that we always remain calm in a chaotic situation, for it is with calmness that can solve a problem, because if faced with a problem with panic or chaos then not a settlement that we can, but other problems that will come.

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