Be a Winner, Do not Give Up and Fight to the End

Having a mental fighter within yourself is a thing that many people have. However, how many people have mental fighters to the end, where they will do anything to achieve their goals, even though it becomes an unusual act in the view of the layman.

Most of us will only be so excited at the beginning, it applies to all the things we do in our lives. We will only struggle to the extent that we want, not as far as we can afford, and this is what distinguishes a true warrior with a passionate fighter for a moment. Then, how can we be a winner?

Struggle is merely a plan
Often we have many plans in our lives, maybe even a great many. This is certainly not a bad thing, because life will always need a plan. But what happens if the plan is never realized, or even just run in the beginning only and then become a permanent delayed work.

Believe it or not, most of us will do that, where we are so excited and striving just at the beginning of a plan and never proceeding to a perfect job. It is possible that we will fail in doing so, but if it is not done, how will we know that we might also succeed in that?

Life is always risky, but wasting chances to succeed and giving up on the road is a mistake. Give everything we can, so that when we fail we feel happy and happy for doing the best for it. It is not about what we will get, but how we will struggle to get what we want in life. One way when you want to start and do not want the plan to stop in the middle of the road is to set in the heart be the winner and continue to imagine that you are the winner, when we are getting tired or bored in the middle always remember what we have set in heart ie be the winner. Let's take a look at an inspiring story from Etenesh Diro's following persistence.

Learn from the tenacity of Etenesh Diro
The 25-year-old run athlete has just shown how a struggle can be done with the maximum, even in a condition that is not very supportive though. His extraordinary spirit to fight to the end is something that deserves to be appreciated very well. Not a victory, but the fighting spirit it possesses that makes it a winner.

The Ethiopian bloody athlete represents his country in the sport at the 2016 Rio Olympics. He followed the preliminary round on Saturday, August 13, 2016, for the 3000 meter hurdles. At the start of the race everything went smoothly, until in the middle of the race he had trouble with his shoes caught in other participants nearby. Not easy to give up, the athlete paused for a moment and took off his socks and his right shoes, then he resumed the race by using only his left shoe. Not an easy thing of course, considering the 3000 meters is a considerable distance.

Etenesh effort paid off, in the preliminary round he finished in 7th. This position makes him participate in the final round. In the final he only managed to finish in the order to 15 and failed to become champion. However, Etenesh's struggle to get there is a praiseworthy thing, though he did not succeed in winning the race. He tried hard to fight to the end, even in the most difficult conditions and even impossible for some people's views.

The above story teaches us to keep fighting even in the middle of the race of trouble, he keeps trying to get to the finish line. That is why it is important to establish within ourselves be the winner. By setting the word we will continue to be motivated to keep fighting to the end.

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