Functions Bahasa Indonesia As Bahasa Indonesia Language

Hi guys !, you who live in Indonesia from small until gede already know yet function of Indonesian as Country Language? Shame dong ya, if you do not know. Let's discuss the function of Indonesian as a Country Language.

1. Official Language in Indonesia
First, Bahasa Indonesia as the official language. As an official language, Bahasa Indonesia is used for the purposes of correspondence, language in a position and in use also in a governmental administration (including courts and parliament). For legality as an official language also has been regulated in Article 1 paragraph (2) UU No 24 Th 2009 lho guys.

2. Introduction to Education

Continue Bahasa Indonesia As a Language of instruction Education. Gini lho guys, Indonesian is used in various educational activities for all levels of education in Indonesia. Example nih, from our kindergarten to lecture is always a teacher using the Indonesian language. Yes, except in areas that are still left behind using the local language.

3. Communication tool
Bahasa Indonesia This is used as a means of communication that means as a vehicle for soasial interaction through sound or writing. Indonesian in use as a communication tool because it is easy and almost all the people of Indonesia know guys.

Although you Javanese continue to wander into Minang area you do not have to fear if you can not speak Minang language, because enough with Indonesian language alone everyone will know what you say.

4. Cultural and Technological Development Tool

In this case the Indonesian language can be used in the development of culture as it is intended can be used to promote the Indonesian culture and in Indonesian language science and technology in use in terms of research and others.

5. Language At Demo (Additional From Me hehehe)

The Indonesian language is also used during the demo, because what? because not all of our officials know all the local languages. hehehehe ...

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