It turns out to be the 4 Hidden Paradise on Seram Island Maluku

Tehoru. All will seem strange to hear or guess where the area is. For those who already know, will be able to understand the place that I will tell this. Those who do not know will find it difficult to find info about it. Relax after this I will try to write down the best. Okay, I'm just trying to tell him now without further ado.

Tehoru Hot Water or local people call "Papanatolu Pure Water" is a natural hot spring located in Tehoru Sub-district, Central Maluku District, Masohi City, Maluku Province. To reach the hot springs is not difficult enough, has a distance of about 2 km from the village center, you can walk on about 30 minutes walk. The surrounding community utilizes hot springs as a means to cure some diseases, such as rheumatism or skin diseases. Having a very hot water temperature to soak, hot water is also often used to boil eggs. In addition to enjoying the hot water, you will be presented with stunning views of the rocks and water that flows into a place like a pond that makes people feel at home for long.

Air Jodoh Ninifala or the most commonly called dating water by local people around, is a lake or lake located in the village of Piliana foot Mount Binaiya, District Tehoru, Masohi City, Seram, Central Maluku. According to the local community, this lake is formed naturally. Believed to be a water mate symbolized through two trees growing in the middle of the lake. Having blue water tosca increasingly add charm and beauty. Its uniqueness again, in this dating water there are bubbles of water from the inside like boiling. However, if it has touched the water then it feels cool and fresh. Apparently the incident caused the spring out between the rocks, causing bubbles like boiling water. It is said, according to local stories, the two trees are in the middle of the flow of the spring is a pair of lovers who turned into a tree. And myth if any person who bathe in this spring will immediately get a mate. However, the person must leave the clothes he was wearing in the spring water. Then forbidden to say dirty words because it is believed ancestors in the water feel disturbed and can cause you to experience disaster.

To reach Air Jodoh Ninifala can be reached by road. From Ambon to Masohi using a fast boat approximately 3 hours. Continue the trip to Tehoru by car about 3 hours. Then from Tehoru approximately 1 hour to the village of piliana and across several streams large enough.

Tehoru Beach is my favorite place of course. How not to have a bay and calm waters, soft black sand, unique rock plates and suguhkan with landscape of Mount Binaiya. The location is right on the coastal village so do not need all the way to enjoy the serenity and natural beauty. Anyone would definitely feel at home for a long time here, whether enjoying sunrise or sunset is not much different.

Lake Cliff Makariki Not many tourists who come to Lake Cliff Makariki. Perhaps because of the limited information that is still not much circulated in social media or the internet. Yet if observed, the scenery and conditions around the Lake Mariki Cliff is so dazzling. The trees grow thick, fresh air, and a soothing atmosphere around Lake Makariki Cliff with blue water. The location is in Hatu Village, Tehoru District, Seram, Maluku. The location of Lake Makariki Cliff is quite hidden.

To achieve it had to take about 2 hours and a distance of about 3 km by passing a variety of paths are quite exhausting. However, all will be paid if it reaches the lake area. That said, the water temperature there is very cold, so it is endeavored to bring equipment that can help warm the body if after playing and swimming in the lake area. Perhaps some of these destinations can arouse your curiosity for the beauty of the hidden paradise on the island of Seram. Actually there are many more places that have not been visited and written. Maybe later I will continue to the next post. Hopefully this information can be useful for you who will vacation to Maluku area, so you have more options to determine it. Salam Lestari.

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