Kukayuh Bicycle To Go To Mecca

There's no reason to delay or just wait for an uncertain schedule. When we want to be closer to God and live His teachings, then the road to Mecca will soon be revealed. By His will, then all things will be very likely to happen.

This is what a Chinese Muslim has done recently, where he traveled a long journey from his country to the holy land to perform the pilgrimage. Of course it would be very ordinary and even familiar in our ears, if someone or a group of people go to perform the pilgrimage. However, what if it turns out this long journey is only done by using a bicycle alone?

Mohammad, a Muslim man from China has traveled a length of 8,150 kilometers using a bicycle. He cycled from his hometown of Xinjiang, China, to Mecca to run the fifth pillar of Islam. It was a very moving act, considering that a very long and risky journey had been done for weeks on end and exhausting. Although it is not known for certain reasons and reasons why Mohammad took the journey on a bicycle, but this action remains to be appreciated. With such a difficult condition, Mohammad has sought hard to be able to perform the pilgrimage to Mecca, even though openly the Chinese government has never supported the existence of the Muslim community in the Chinese state of Xinjiang.

As reported by local media in Saudi Arabia, Mohammad arrived in Kaif city and was immediately greeted by a bicycle-loving community there. This community accompanied him while he was in the city, and even specifically they drove the man to the city of Mecca to perform the pilgrimage there. Despite having traveled a great distance of thousands of miles, Mohammad looked healthy when he arrived in the city, he was even so enthusiastic when meeting with the community of bicycle lovers there.

Nayef Al Rawas, a member of the bicycle-loving community who greeted him in the city of Kaif said that they will accompany Mohammad until the pilgrimage begins. He also invited and introduced Mohammad to other members of the bike lovers community there. The meeting became a pleasant moment for them, where one another became closer and like having a new brother. It's so much fun, Nayef added.

Mohammad was so eager to run the pilgrimage in Mecca, even though he only brought very simple equipment for that purpose. This man seemed to lack nothing in his long journey, his body remained healthy and did not lack anything. He even looks so happy when he arrives at his destination, considering the long, challenging journey he has been through, so it is only natural that he reacts like that. For him this journey is a long service, which will bring it closer to the Creator.

This story becomes an important and very valuable lesson, especially when we intend to get closer to God through the pilgrimage. Although heavy and winding, but there will always be a way to get there. A path that is facilitated and made possible by the Creator. Do not give up easily and keep your best effort to get to Mecca.

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