Ma Zhiqiu A Mother That Inspires The World Because Of Her Infinite Love To Her Children

Ma Zhiqiu A Mother Who Inspires the World, - Every Mother in this world, surely love for their children, but is every Mother in this world able to give her love like a mother this one?

Ma Zhiqiu, a mother from shanyang, China, has given her love for the baby so big, even difficult to measure only with words.

Ma Zhiqiu's great love story to his son to date has brought thousands of mothers around the world, shedding tears.

The love and passion of Ma Zhiqiu in the care and rearing of his twin sons, Zhang Yuanjun (21) and Zhang Hangjun (21) have been the inspiration for many mothers with special needs children.

This is because the two children of Ma Zhiqiu have their own privileges, Zhang Hangjun was born with cerebral palsy, while Zhang Yuanjun was born zhiqiu and his son zhang yuanzunMa Zhiqiu, had quit his job in order to dedicate his life to caring for the childhood loved it.

Ms. Ma's patience in taking care of her own two children is not only her two children have special needs, but her two children are also obese. With such infinite affection, Ma was convinced that one day her two children could compete in this cruel world.

It is even evident, because a child of Ma, Yuanjun, has won a singing competition.

The amazing story of Ma Zhiqiu about a mother's love for her child has graced the Chinese media, even the news is now scattered throughout the world, and has even inspired many Mothers in this world.

Ma Zhiqiu's quote, that he still feels grateful amid all the limitations, amazes the mothers of the world.

ma zhiqiu and his son yuanjunDilansir from The Mirror, May 16, 2015. Ma Zhiqiu said "Yuanjun's brother, the Hanguin, is exposed to cerebral palsy so it is impossible for him to be able to move even inside the house though. But I am still lucky, Yuanjun (autistic), can take care of himself, and even can help us, My two children are very handsome, and I do not regret any of them, "

Ma also added "Yuanjun is a talented singer, and is now in the national competition. He even won many awards, his skills singing Italian and Russian classics, ".

In addition Yuanjun is also capable of playing the piano. She has even taught the underprivileged children around her home to practice the piano, which makes Ma even more proud of her son.

Ma Zhiqiu also said that a teacher has even donated a piano to his family, so Yuanjun can practice at home.

The story of Ma Zhiqiu has shown us that a mother's love for her child is never limit, therefore never once did we hurt our mother. And for you who have become Mother, it's good inspiration story can inspire to be able to keep and love her child wholeheartedly.

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