Motivation Story - Snails and Frogs

a snail is always looking cynical to a frog. Until one day, the frog who felt uncomfortable and lost patience finally approached and asked the snail.
Frog: "Hey Snailman, have I made a mistake, so you hate me so much?"

Snail: "You frogs have four legs and you can jump as you like here and here, while I have to crawl on the ground and carry this heavy shell, so I feel sad and jealous."

Frog: "Every life has its own affliction, it's just that you just see my joy, but you do not see our suffering (frog)."

And at once, there was a big eagle flying toward them, the snail quickly inserted its body into the shell, while the frogs were eaten by eagles.

This Motivation Story teaches us to enjoy life, not to compare ourselves with others. every creature has its own advantages and disadvantages such as snails and frogs. slugs are slow but he has a shell that can protect him from predators. and frogs can jump, but he does not have a shell that can protect him. our own hearts toward others will bring more suffering. Better think about what we have. It will bring more gratitude and happiness for ourselves.

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