Remember Never Assess Something Only From The Source Only

It is very easy to comment or judge something from the outside only, because it is an attitude we often show in this life. Not just to something we see, but it is often even done to someone we meet in our lives. This is certainly a bad habit, in which we so easily assess and comment on someone, who may not even know us at all.

Although we have the freedom to do this, it does not mean we can judge and comment on all the people and things we meet in our lives. What if we turn out to be wrong, or even humiliated for what we have said, because someday we may find the point where we must learn.

Learn from Bob Sadino's story
Entrepreneurs of this one of course so very familiar to some people, especially because its appearance is so relaxed and impressed nyeleneh. However, this appearance is actually often make people mistaken and even misjudged about him, until not infrequently people are fooled by his appearance.

Like one morning, where he was engrossed holding scissors and cutting plant twigs contained in his garden. As usual, he will wear a short-sleeved shirt and complete with shorts that characterize his simple appearance.

In the same place, a mother came to the park with a child. He intends to enter the elite office area, but it is still too early, so he and his son choose to enjoy the morning atmosphere in the beautiful garden. She was sitting in a lawn chair occasionally wiping her face with a tissue, then she threw the tissue carelessly in the garden.
The owner of the garden, just a few steps away, came and picked up the tissue and dumped it in the trash. But as if happy and not satisfied to do so, the mother re-throw away tissue that wear out in vain. Again the landlord approached him and picked up the tissue, then threw it in the trash.

Without feeling guilty and uncomfortable at all, this mother instead pointed to the owner of the park and said to his son, "Son, if you do not study hard and right at school, then you will only end up like the grandfather, it's just cleaning the garden and picking up all the garbage that is here. Dirty, unfit, and even just a lowly man, right? "

This is even heard by the owner of the garden, until he puts his scissors and approached the woman and child, "Excuse me, this is not a public park, how can you be here?" He asked in a polite tone.

The woman arrogantly replied, "I am a new menager candidate at this company, they called me for an interview." She replied curtly.

But at the same time a man with a neat appearance and also a polite attitude came up to the grandfather and said with respect, "Excuse me, Mr. President. I just want to remind you, soon the meeting will start soon, sir. "

The park owner nodded and tagged to his staff that the arrogant woman in front of her was not suitable for any position in their company. But afterwards he said gently to the mother's child that the most important thing in life is to respect others, whoever he is and whatever his work and never judge something from the outside only.

While the mother bowed her embarrassment there, without daring to lift her head back and show her arrogance.

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