The Benefits of Extraordinary Olive Oil

Olive oil has long been believed to maintain beauty and health. No wonder olive oil is often used as cosmetic ingredients are widely circulated in the market. Olive oil comes from olive groves that grow in the mediternia region which gives a considerable amount of sun intensity.

1. Prevent Premature Aging
The content of linoleic acid substances contained in olive oil can help to keep water content on the skin so as not to cause wrinkles at a young age.

2. Eliminate Acne Scars
You can also use olive oil to remove stubborn acne streaks in a natural way, just by simply heating the olive oil, then apply on the face area that has acne spots.

3. Melebatkan Hair

Olive oil can also help with hair problems that need nutrients to melebatkannya. Benefits Avocado that can be used as a natural mask, along with olive oil can make the hair becomes dense, for how to use it by simply apply a mask on the hair, then let stand a few minutes until seep after it was rinsed.

4. Reduce Joint Inflammation

A study conducted on 145 patients with joint pain. They correlated the 108 healthy people. In this study it appears that consuming olive oil can contribute to protect our body from the attack of this disease.

5. Prevent Cancer

Apparently Olive Oil Benefits can also serve as a preventor of cancer. Professor Asman, a scholar of the study of arteriosclerosis in Germany, said: "Consuming olive oil can protect the body against a number of cancers, including uterine cancer, colon cancer, ovarian cancer, even though the number of studies is still small.

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