The Scary Word Is When

This word becomes one of the scourges that most do not want to be heard by many people, even for some people when is a scary word. Although not all of them, but at least most of us, you may also be one of them.

The word string whenever it feels endless, even though we have done various times that we hear before, but there will always be when next. It goes on and on, and never seems to be overheard. Then, should we always feel annoyed whenever hearing the word when it comes out of the mouth of someone around us?

Dodge is not the right choice
When we are so annoyed or do not like a thing, then the most natural and frequent reaction we make is to avoid it. It is certainly very human, because nobody wants to be in the wrong place, is not it?

The same thing we will always do to avoid the word when that might have been too often we hear. Not just from friends alone, but this word can always be ejected from those who are so close to us, family and relatives for example. Reluctant and do not want to always be cornered with the same questions from them, then we will often avoid to meet them on various occasions.

If we do this too often, then over time we will be more courageous and choose not only to avoid contact at a meeting only. However, we may even become very rarely come to an event, although it is an important event for the family. We will look for reasons not to attend, even if they are sometimes too mangada-existent, but we will do it anyway.

Stop doing things like this, because we will lose a lot of precious moments with our loved ones. Imagine how disappointed a close cousin we did not attend her wedding, or how disappointed one of our close relatives looked forward to our presence at her daughter's birthday party. The people who invite us may not be the ones we are avoiding, but other relatives who will be present at the same place at the event we are avoiding. Then, what's wrong with those who have invited us to the event?

It's about themselves, not them
Do not always try to escape from reality, even by always avoiding the words when it's so attached to hearing. If someone always asks that to us, then think of it as a form of concern for what we are going through and experiencing today. No need to be offended or angry when faced with these questions, especially if we were in a condition like that, for example: not graduated until the eighth year, or even not have a partner at the age of almost forty.

Respond to all these questions casually and do not forget to ask them to pray for us, especially in relation to the unrealized questions. If they have so much time to ask about it whenever there is a chance, then it is very likely they will not mind to pray for us at every opportunity they have, right?

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