The Story of Inspirational Enchant - The Seller of Envelopes

This inspiring story is about a grandfather struggling to make a living to survive by selling mailing envelopes. this touching story sipolos quotation from some source website, according to the source of website sipolos quotation this story was first written by a lecturer in ITB. Hopefully the Story of the Selling Parent This enchanting envelope becomes our reflection to always be grateful for what we have. following the story written by the lecturer pack.

Everytime I go to Masjid Salman ITB for Friday prayers, I always see an elderly grandfather sitting in front of a plastic pack containing envelope paper. It turned out that the envelope paper was his merchandise. At first glance, the merchandise was strange, as other traders who filled the market were shocked around Jalan Ganesha on Friday. Traders in these are mostly food vendors, pirated DVDs, clothing, children's toys, shoes and other accessories. Of course it is rather strange that he nyempil himself sells paper envelopes that are items that are not so needed in the modern era of electronic all-round as it is now. The conventional period of mail delivery through the post office was over, but the Grandpa kept on selling mailing envelopes. Maybe Grandpa was not following the development of the now fast-paced era of instant and instant information technology, so he thinks there are still many people who need an envelope to send a letter.

The existence of an old grandfather with the envelope of his non-merchandise merchandise that generates compassion. Who wants to buy the envelope? Even very rarely people passing to the mosque are interested in buying an envelope. Passing people who move towards the Salman mosque seemed to not care about the old man.

When I was going to pray at Salman again I saw the old man again sitting with his wares. I said in myself I would buy the envelope after the prayer, even though I was not in need of the envelope. I bought it just wanted to help the Grandfather out of his wares. After I prayed Friday and was about to return to the office, I approached the grandfather. Then I asked "how much is the price of the envelope in that plastic bag" I asked. "A thousand," the grandfather replied in a low voice. Oh God, the price of a packet of envelopes with the contents of 10 sheets is only worth a thousand dollars? The money was just enough to buy 2 fried bala reinforcements. The money of 1000 rupiah is not very meaningful to us, but it is very meaningful to the old Grandpa. I was silent for a moment and tried to hold back my tears to hear the very cheap price. "I bought the envelope 10 packs well sir," I said.

The grandfather looked happy because the envelope I bought merchandise in sufficient quantities. He puts 10 packets of envelopes containing 10 pieces per pack into an envelope box. Her hand was visibly shaking slightly as she pushed the envelope into the box.

Then I went back to ask the grandfather why he sold the envelope with the cheapness. And if we buy an envelope at the price peramplopnya stalls may not be 100 rupiah. With 1000 rupiah maybe we can only 4 or 5 envelopes. Then Grandpa showed me a sheet of receipt paper, the paper was a receipt for the purchase of an envelope from the grocery store where the grandfather bought his wares. Written on the receipt the purchase note for 10 packs of envelope worth Rp7500. "Grandpa just take a little profit", said the grandfather. So, for one pack of envelopes whose contents are 10 sheets the grandfather just took advantage Rp250. Hearing the honest answer from the grandfather, I was touched and concerned. If another naughty trader who likes to deceive the price by raising the sale price for multiple profits, the Grandfather honestly sells the envelope with little profit. Suppose you can sell ten packets of envelopes, meaning the profit earned is not up or able to buy rice wrap on the sidewalk. Who is also the one who will want to buy envelopes with many today? In a day not necessarily the grandfather's sold 10 packs, let alone to sell 20 packs of envelopes in order to be able to buy rice.

After finishing asking I then paid 10.000 rupiah to pay 10 packs of envelopes, Do not forget I put a little more money to the old man to buy lunch. The old grandfather accepted it with a shaking hand and thanked me in an almost crying voice. Then I rushed off to leave because my eyes could not bear to hold back tears that wanted to come out. While walking I was reminded of the status of a friend in the less-groomed like this: "Grandpa-old grandfather peddling his wares that do not sell, old mothers who sat in front of the warungnya always quiet. Let's look for reasons to be able to buy their merchandise, even though we do not really need it at the moment. Do not always buy things that are less needed in the malls and shops are comfortable and complete, once out of our livelihood to buy something to the old and old traders .... "

The grandfather of the envelope seller is one of them, the old and elderly street vendors who should have enjoyed their old age at home playing with their grandchildren grandchildren but they are still struggling to earn a living to buy food to survive by selling goods which is less salable. The simplest and easiest way to help them is not to give them money for free, but buy their wares or use their services. Although suppose the goods sold by them are less needed by us or slightly more expensive than the price at the store, but by buying their merchandise God willing more barokahnya, because indirectly we have helped the continuity of business and their lives.

In my view the old Grandpa was more honorable than the beggars who roamed around the Salman mosque, begging the passersby. The beggars are ordering or mobilizing their children to provoke the passersby. But unlike the envelope's grandfather, he did not want to beg, but he persisted in searching for halal money by selling envelopes, although the benefits were small.

Upon arriving at my office, I looked back at the package of envelopes I had bought from the old man. It is true I do not need the envelope at this time, but the 10000 rupiah I spent was very much needed for the old man.

A box of envelopes containing the 10 packs of envelopes I kept in the corner of the desk. It is not currently required by me but who knows later I will need it. Maybe on Friday - Friday next I will see the old man selling back there and sitting daydreaming in front of his merchandise buyers.

From a heartwarming inspiration story about the grandfather of the envelope seller who was told / written by the lecturer, hopefully we can learn to be grateful for what we have now. do not complain when we are in distress, because out there are still many people who are more difficult than us. and when we have more sustenance it's good we share it to the people who are in need. Giving a little sustenance that we have will not make us fall into poverty.

-Warm regards to all of you from and Success to all of us. Amen

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