There are thousands of languages in the world, but maybe this is the most beautiful language available. You Must Hear!

Without language, we can not communicate with each other. Without any language, it is impossible for human life to work as it is now. Indonesian has been agreed constitutionally, as the official language of people in this country to communicate with each other. Want it for the debate in the House determines the important policy or just gossip household artist with friends, all understand each other because using one language.

There are thousands of languages ​​in this world. Each nation, state, and tribe, has their own way of calling something. Although body language seems to remain the most universal language, now English is a role model or an official international language. Of the many languages, the BBC has just discussed the language that could be the most beautiful language in the world. Uniquely in this language there are no complicated grammar rules or accents that make the tongue swirl, there is only a whistle. If you do not believe it yourself at the end of this Hipwee News & Feature review!

1. The Hmong people at the foot of the Himalayas often communicate by whistling while working in the fields or in the fores

The vast valley and the cliff that stood beside it made a good sound echo, the Hmong used to communicate by making use of this. They use whistling language to express and communicate while working in the fields and in the forest while hunting.

2. Not only when working, young people Hmong also use the language whistles for courtship, romantic poetry to intimate chat

The whistle can also make courtship, if we are used to tease the opposite sex. Another case in Hmong, young people there not only tempting each other but also dialogue and even replied to the poem with a whistle. Not just a beautiful meaning, even people who do not understand this language will also be amazed just by listening. Even if you already expert, they dialogue around a more intimate theme.

3. A researcher says, 70 groups or tribes accustomed to use this whistling language in expressing everyday things

In addition to the inhabitants of Hmong, people in some areas of Ethiopia also use bats resembling cats in communicating even since the 5th century BC. Else in Selar Bering, the sailors there use whistles to hunt the whales. In the Canary Islands, shepherds use whistling and even some bird species that are so familiar, to memorize the meaning and meaning of the shepherd whistle.

4. Most likely, whistles is the first language used to communicate before there is a common language we use everyday

According to the records of Herodotus in Ethiopia in the centuries BC, whistling has an important meaning in communicating, in addition to secret is also more intimate. The researchers also argue that the possibility of these whistles pioneered the language we use today. It is possible that tonal languages ​​in some countries in Asia are closely related to tone or whistling tones.

5. Since the whistling language for most people is complicated, so many wars use whistles to communicate in secret

So complicated and not many people know, language whistle is often used as a medium for communication during the war. Yes so as not to catch the enemy, so the secret things are kept awake. The Amazighs in the Atlas mountains used their whistles to communicate against the French forces. The same thing is adapted also by Australian troops who hire Papua New Guineans to communicate in languages ​​so that they do not know the same Japanese.

Melodic elements in whistling make this language so beautiful. Being between linguistics and the music of the language of the whistle is a complex and practical language. Usually we can only godain the opposite sex wearing whistles, ngejek people wear whistling, call the wind use whistle, but these people more than that, they use whistles to communicate daily.

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