Trained to Sit on MRI Machine, Researchers Can Now Check the Content of Dog Brain. The result is Interesting!

Either since when the word 'dog' is often used as an outlet for anger and curse of people in Indonesia. Perhaps its peyorative meaning is somewhat related to its haram status for most Indonesians. But yes that is the mystery of language, it is very difficult to trace its origin. Though the dog is one of the smartest animals and is often called the 'best friend' of man. In addition to pets, trained dogs are also many who become professionals to help the police, airport officials, to people with special needs.

That genius is always the attraction for experts to examine dogs more scientifically and profoundly. Reported by TIME, One of them is a neuroscientist, Gregory Berns, from Emory University in Atlanta, United States. Not only to learn the behavior alone, Berns specifically train the dog to sit still in a magnetic resonance imaging machine (MRI) so that his brain can be scanned and seen how it works. Not drugged or put to sleep, but consciously told to sit as long as the MRI machine checks his brain. For more information, please see Hipwee News & Feature!

It seems like a computer, it takes a big 'hardware' so that the road 'software' can be qualified. The size of the dog's brain is quite larg

The first scan result seen is a matter of brain size. The size turns out to be the guys! The human brain itself is a giant, where the weight can reach 1:50 of the average total body weight. The size of the dog's brain turns out to reach 1: 125 of its total weight, a ratio found from almost all breeds of dog breeds. In comparison with other animals, the horse's brain size is only 1: 600 and the lion's brain size is slightly better that is 1: 550 of its total body weight.

So yes among other animals, the size of the dog's brain is quite large and can accommodate more cognitive and affective developments.

The dog was very sensitive to the tone. From the change of tone, the dog can learn and differentiate human words

Berns research wants to know how a dog learns human language: when a dog hears a word, is it just a hearing impulse or has more meaning. He spent a year studying the dog's brain activity when hearing familiar words or obscure chatter.

The dog is sensitive to the tone. From the tone, the dog can learn to distinguish human words. As with human babies, puppies are more responsive to high-pitched human speech than low. Researchers in New York and France also found that high notes actually help puppies learn words. But as an adult, dogs do not again choose octave high as a child.

Just like humans, dogs can also feel the peace when listening to music you know

From previous research we know that dogs are sensitive to tone. Well, in later research from the University of Glasgow learn the reaction of the dog when played with music. In their research, they play five different track lists to monitor their stress levels. Although the reaction is different, but the music has a calming effect on dogs, especially soft rock and reggae. Do not worry uyeee ...

Dog hospitality to humans is better than chimps

During this time chimpanzees are known as the cleverest animals than others. But in terms of social intelligence, research shows that dogs exhibit patterns more similar to children than chimpanzees, although chimps are more closely related to humans. In a number of communication tasks, scientists from the University of Arizona found that dogs and children showed better looks than chimpanzees.

There is a dog phrase is a faithful animal, this is the scientific explanation ..

Another study by animal scientist Monique Udell of Oregon State University and Princeton University biologist Bridgett von Holdt found a similarity between a dog's chromosome and a human chromosome that has Williams-Beuren syndrome. From these syndromes can be known developmental abnormalities that affect human facial features and cause health problems such as heart abnormalities, brain abnormalities, and the nervous system. One sign of psychological symptoms of this syndrome is a hypersocial attitude characterized by no social inhibition. People who have this disorder will be friendly, though against strangers, and have a high empathy empathy.

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