Christian Baby Girl Names and Their Meanings

Maybe there is a saying, whatever the meaning of a name. But as a parent who has high hopes for the baby, the name would certainly be something that can not be ignored. So no wonder many parents who spend a long time to find the appropriate baby name. To help you find Christian baby girl names and their meanings, we have provided a list of names that are quite modern with good meanings, which may be that after knowing the meaning you are interested in embedding them in your baby's name series.
For the name of a Christian baby girl and her own meaning is taken from various grammar originating from various countries such as Germany, England, Italy, Indonesia and other countries. While a series of Christian baby girl names in Indonesia are generally quoted from biblical verses or names that have something to do with the history of Christianity. This is of great interest to Christian parents because in addition to a name that sounds beautiful it also holds quite deep religious meaning.
In giving a name parents should pay attention to several things such as the beauty of the word used and the meaning contained therein, remembering a name will be an identity that is pinned on the child for the rest of his life. For you Christian parents who want to prepare a name to prepare for the birth of a child, the name of a Christian baby girl and its meaning can be your reference source for welcoming a special moment that is none other than the presence of the baby in the world.
List of Christian Baby Girl Names and Their Meanings
Anggelina Amira Nanette = A noble princess full of glory and messenger of God
    Anggelina = Delivering God's message
    Amira = Princess; noblewoman
    Nanette = Full of glory
Here are some list of names of Christian baby girls and their meanings that you can choose and arrange according to your expectations for the baby. Also discuss with family to get a beautiful, beautiful name and a name full of blessings. Thus some recommendations for Christian baby names that we can convey, hopefully this article can inspire you in preparing a name for your baby girl.
Description: The name of a Christian baby girl and its meaning has sufficient meaning in religious terms without removing the aesthetic factor of a name.

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