How to quickly cultivate a bamboo caterpillar

The cultivation of bamboo caterpillars may not be too familiar in the business world, however this business opportunity cannot be underestimated. The ever-increasing demand for bamboo caterpillars makes this business more likely. Generally these bamboo caterpillars are used as fish or reptile feed, but some people also now consume bamboo caterpillars as food preparations. The delicious taste and the news about the content of bamboo caterpillars that are rich in protein and fat, makes the demand for these caterpillars increase.
Things Needed For Cultivating Bamboo Caterpillars
How to cultivate bamboo caterpillars is quite easy and the stages of cultivation are simple, like the cultivation of other types of caterpillars. To be able to cultivate this caterpillar there are several things that you must prepare, which include a large bucket or tray with a minimum depth of 16-25 cm. The size of this container will be quite influential, the bigger the container you use, the better. Next to the burlap sack, cotton cloth, tissue and sand. For food you can prepare fresh fruit or vegetables or havemut, and for starters you can prepare 100 bamboo caterpillars for breeding.
How to Cultivate Bamboo Caterpillars
After you prepare the materials needed for the cultivation of bamboo caterpillars, then make a few breeding places, and provide a small hole with wire for ventilation, ventilation holes are not too big, so that the caterpillar can not come out. Next prepare a substrate made from bran flakes, cereals and finely ground cornflakes, for this substrate you can make it yourself or buy it at the bait equipment seller. Cover the container you have prepared with a 5-7.6cm thick substrate. Next set the breeding place with a temperature of 21 ºC -24ºC, besides that make sure the breeding place is clean and free of chemicals. Cover the substrate with fresh fruit and vegetable slices, insert the bamboo caterpillar and cover the container so that the caterpillar does not come out.
Wait for the caterpillar to multiply, which approximately takes about 10 weeks, during this time make sure you always check the condition of the container, and replace the pieces of vegetables and fruit regularly. After the eggs hatch, discard the beetles that have died, and separate the beetles with eggs that have hatched, because if you place the larvae and beetles together, the larvae that have hatched will be eaten by the beetles. That's an easy way to cultivate a bamboo caterpillar, then you can harvest this bamboo caterpillar periodically.
Tips on Breeding Bamboo Caterpillars
In order for your bamboo caterpillar to be successful and successful, there are a number of things you must do, which include storing the container in a place that is exposed to light, making sure the temperature of the container and cleaning the container regularly.
Description: The cultivation of bamboo caterpillars is a pretty good business potential, besides being easy in breeding, the demand for bamboo caterpillars is also increasing

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