Creative Birthday Decoration Tumpeng

Birthday cone creations are creations of the original archipelago cuisine made from yellow rice as cones with various types of complementary side dishes. Tumpeng rice is one of the special dishes that are generally served at various thanksgiving events, one of which is at the moment of the birthday.
How do you create a birthday cake?
Birthdays are special moments, so everything that is presented must be special, including the creation of a birthday cone that is made as special as possible. The decoration of this ornamental cone can be done in several ways, namely by forming conical cone rice or cone cone with character shape. By changing the shape of the rice cone, the appearance will definitely change immediately. In addition to creating a cone shape, you can also create a menu of complementary side dishes of rice. In general, the menu of rice cone dishes in the form of meat, cake, omelette, noodles, stir-fried tempeh. But to make it more special, you can add several menus such as jerky, or your favorite side dishes, to make it more colorful.
In addition to decorating it, you can use cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots or red chili. But to make it certainly is not easy, and requires expertise. For those of you who want to make a birthday cone creation, can now order it online at And we will deliver your cone rice directly to the house.
Description: Birthday cone creations are rice cones created from shapes, side dishes or decorations that make them even more beautiful and attractive.
Yellow birthday cake is one of the things that must exist when there are special moments like birthdays. Because rice cone itself is indeed used as a symbol of gratitude for the blessings we receive. So it is not surprising that this rice cone is very close to the special days of the Indonesian people. But this is also quite troublesome, because many things must be prepared.
Due to the lack of time to prepare yellow cone birthday this year, many people who prefer to order it in the catering or rice cone service. Besides being more practical, the flavors offered are also more satisfying than making our own. Moreover, we can order the form of yellow rice cone birthday as you wish such as cone yellow rice, stacked yellow rice, or character yellow rice. And on this occasion we will provide information on where to order a variety of rice cone packages that can satisfy you.
Why Choose RoyalsnackBox.Com for Ordering Yellow Tump Rice? is a provider of high-quality, high-quality snack boxes, cakes and tupeng online. For those of you who want to prepare a birthday event, of course it will be very helpful, because in addition to ordering yellow rice cone, you can also order cakes and snack boxes as well. How, very practical right?
Description: Yellow birthday cake is one of the complementary birthday moments that cannot be separated.

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